Okay we all have to live together and we need informed choice to do that.  Get rid of lies and make a world where all have the courage and confidence to face even horrid truths.

The super-superstitions that need weeding out are,




EVIL: Debunk the bogeyman of evil and you consequently debunk God as a moral example. You refute prayer as an important or good thing. 

Let us look at evil.

Evil is a word for that which is considered to be intolerable for it is bad and if unchecked will do more harm.

Evil for many means anything that does not respect the human person and which is lacking in compassion and is unfair.

Evil for atheists does not need moralistic concerns but merely opposition to suffering.

For believers in a higher power, evil is blamed on human beings getting the gift of freedom and abusing that gift. The higher power is asked to keep out of your life.  And it complies for it respects free will but that means nature will not have its protection and so plagues and other natural evils take place. The higher power only lets evil happen when it can be balanced with good or lead to goods that are worth tolerating it for.

For atheists, suffering is part of the way things are. Rather than be asked or commanded by anyone to deal with it, the atheist simply decides that it must be fought. Atheism takes the side of the sufferer even if this means rebelling against nature and defying a higher power if there is one. The atheist being against suffering comes from within. The atheist does what a higher power should be doing.

Suffering is that which attacks your sense that your life is worth living.

Pain is not the same thing for pain is a warning and you can love your life and be in a lot of pain.

People ask the atheist why they should consider it fair and loving to help others overcome suffering. This is assuming that the atheist may help or not bother and it matters not either way.

HELPFUL HIGHER POWER: We will simply discuss the widespread allegiance to a higher power whether than means a God or a pantheon of deities or just some kind of force.

Higher power here means one or more of the following,

That which can take control of a bad situation and heal it in a way only something bigger than us and smarter can.

That which can help us rise above our own abilities.

That which is always with us as a friend even if it is not doing anything right now

That which is the reason why there is a universe when there might not be anything.

It is not true that belief in higher power is good for everybody.

Is it good for anybody? It needs to be true. Otherwise you end up implicating, blaming the person who is trying to change and who cannot find any help from a higher power. And you accuse the dying person who feels abandoned by all including the higher power of being blind. As the higher power is bigger than any errors the person can make you will have to say this blindness is wilful and they are doing it to themselves.

You regard evidence as what matters with regarding to assessing reports of supernatural wonders and even good testimony to be inferior to it.

MIRACLES: People report miracles such as Jesus rising from the dead and the Qur'an being without errors and coming from Allah as his written word.

What happens is something occurs as expected and suddenly there is a reversal.  For example, Jesus dies and then he is back.  That is all the alleged witness to a miracle will see.  They have not the slightest right to presume

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